How to display a "HELLO WORLD" statement with TypoScript.

"Hello World" with TypoScript

In every programming language that you start learning from the beginning, there is a first sentence that you have to output to learn how the environment works.

We are going to use that methodology also here by displaying a "Hello World" statement with TypoScript.

Creating a TypoScript "Hello World" statement is pretty simple just adding some lines of code on TypoScript Configurations.

If you are asking yourself where the TypoScript code is located in the backend system, I think this tutorial would be pretty helpful.

After watching that you can now start adding your code to the TypoScript Setup field.

page = PAGE
page.10 = TEXT
page.10.value = Hello World


At the first line, we are creating a new object from the configuration object called PAGE (the object should always be written on capitals because TypoScript is case sensitive).

After we have created the new object now we can create a new object at the position 10 of the template. and then assign to that the value to "Hello World".

The positions are just parts of the main template where your code should appear.