TYPO3 is a web application running on PHP,also known as CMS (Content management system).

It's completely free of charge and it's released under the GNU General Public license.It runs on different OS platforms which gives TYPO3 a lot of versatility and flexibility.

Along with other CMS Systems like Wordpress,Drupal or Joomla,TYPO3 has a lot of popularity among European Countries as well as around the world.

Learning and Specializing in this CMS System is a great asset for your carrier especially if you live in German speaking countries such as Germany,Austria and Switzerland.

What is the CMS (Content management system) ?

The Content Management System or CMS is a software application used to manage editorial content without the expertise of a software developer.

The CMS systems is designed to help content editors and publishers to be content oriented without caring to much about the technical difficult and boring stuff. If you have been using software like word or blogger you are probably familiar with this concept.

TYPO3 took advantage of this concept to build a strong system with all the necessary tools to let you be in charge of the content.

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