TYPO3 Installation

TYPO3 Installation

The tutorial we will introduce you to the installation procedure to install TYPO3 CMS System.

This procedure is simple and easy to follow as the install tool will handle most of the configuration needed in the background.

First thing to do to start the installation is to have the source code available on you filesystem.You can download TYPO3 source code from the official TYPO3 download page.After you have downloaded it you have to decompress it from the archive and put that on you web folder.We will not go into details of creating symbolik links,because some systems do not handle well such links.

What you have to do on this point is to move the content of typo3_src-X.y.z to the root web directory as it is shown in the screenshot below :

Where to install TYPO3

TYPO3 is a Php application and therefore you should have installed a php interpreter to be able to install it.As a database management system it use Mysql mainly,so a installed Mysql Server is need also. Most of the installation have been done over Apache Server but it can run also on IIS.