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Since the first release in 2000 TYPO3 has achieved a lot putting it in one of the major CMS systems today. More then 500 000 TYPO3 Installations has been set up, and a large community of programmers are constantly improving it to make it one of the greats cms system available nowadays.

TYPO3Tutorias.net is not by any means related to the official documentation platform of TYPO3.

As we started learning TYPO3 and using it, we realize that there is a need for documentation and know how solutions for some of the coming problems during the development phase of the website.

Much of the available information out there is written by not English speaking developers who add value to their original language.

Therefore new developers find it difficult learning TYPO3 and making simple websites with it.

We want to be able to help as much as we can to make it easier for people to find information about tips, trick and by sharing great link resources where to find valuable information regarding the topic they need.

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